Gas or Wood Fireplace? -
Gas or Wood Fireplace?

There is quite a bit of debate concerning whether a wood or a gas fireplace is better. While there are pros and cons to each type of fireplace, the issue is largely settled by personal preference. If you are considering installing a fireplace, weigh the options and features before deciding what is best for your household.

Today’s fireplaces are very efficient, clean and safe when installed by properly trained professionals. Many of the old concerns about wood fireplaces losing heat, being environmentally degrading and dirty have been rectified by EPA regulations established in 1991. Check efficiency rates when shopping for a fireplace to ensure your fireplace is of excellent quality. The more efficient the fireplace, the more you’ll save money for your home and the better you’ll help keep up your neighborhood’s air quality.

The old complaints of gas fireplaces looking fake and artificial have evaporated thanks to ever-advancing engineering innovations. Today, a high quality gas fireplace looks so authentic that a trained eye is required to ensure that the logs are not combustible.

Both types of fireplaces will heat your home, but your source of fuel is going to differ. A gas fireplace turns on and off with a flip of a switch. There’s no ash or soot to clean as well as no flues to remember to open and close. There is simply an on and off switch. A gas fireplace can run on your natural gas lines or a propane tank. Currently, natural gas prices are very inexpensive, whereas having propane is a way to be semi-autonomous. Check your local rates for propane, however, as some suburban rates can be as high as $3.99 a gallon!

Many people love wood fireplaces for the ritual of building a fire, feeding it and watching the logs turn to embers. In the city, a wood fireplace may not be a viable option, but for properties with many acres or homes in rural areas, a wood fireplace can be a great way to keep the yard clear of fallen branches and other deadwood.

Another traditional advantage of wood fireplaces is the ability to keep the family warm in the case of a power outage on a cold night. Not to be outdone, many of today’s gas fireplaces have the ability to operate without power also. Check with your service provider to see if your favorite models can operate in a power outage.

A fireplace is an excellent communal space on cold nights, whether it is wood or gas. Make your hearth an inviting place, enjoy the times with your family and cherish the memories your fireplace will bring.