Create a Custom Home Entryway

The entryway to your home is more than a simple door and a plain welcome mat. It’s your greeting space for your family and guests. A space this important should reflect your personality.

Updating your entryway can be as simple or detailed as you want. Here are a few places to start adding in your personal touches:

Slipper Pad
To help keep floors clean throughout the house, think about using a decorative slipper pads as a place to exchange muddy and dusty shoes or boots for house slippers. These affordable items can be found at just any home furnishings and hardware store.

Backpack & Cold Weather Storage
Today’s family is always on the go, and that means a lot of trampling in and out of the home. Backpacks, gloves, boots, all of these items can make for a pretty hectic entry. Try dedicated hooks and cubby holes for each member to keep his or her belongings organized.

Compartmentalized Storage
Another great idea is a bench with rolling or sliding tuck-away storage bins. This can be a DIY project guided by free online blueprints.

Mirrors, Artwork, Photos
Nothing gives a more personal touch than your favorite mirrors, photos and art. Decorate your entryway like you would any other part of your house by hanging your treasures for all to see.