Pantone Fall Color Report -
Pantone Fall Color Report

Whether you are a color enthusiast or just looking to experiment with your wardrobe for the upcoming season, the Pantone Fall Color Report is your go-to advisor for this fall’s color trends.

Pantone has been the universal leader on color for more than 20 years. Aside from its revolutionary color matching system, Pantone sets the standard for interior design, fashion and any other entity that relies on color.

In addition to choosing the annual Color of the Year, Pantone has all of the fantastic hues and color pairings to guide you in your home decorating throughout the colder months.

Emerald, the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year, continues to be a popular shade. From accent walls to small accessories, this color is a winner.

Acai has become more and more popular, and now this shade of purple can be found all over. This exotic color is perfect for a single piece of furniture or perhaps a few throw pillows.

Fuchsia is always fun, and Vivacious is an up-to-date take that will go well with Mykonos Blue and even Emerald.

Linden Green, a yellow-toned green, works well when matched with fall’s deeper shades. Try this as your new neutral or accent it with Deep Lichen Green.

Mykonos Blue is a modern take on the classic and popular color.

Samba is a warm red that will add excitement to your home – both inside and out. It also pairs well with Acai.

If you’re interesting in experimenting with orange shades, Koi is a great start. This rich color will help you transition your home from fall to winter.

Greys are always popular for fall, and Turbulence will add some much-needed warmth.

Carafe infuses browns into decor decisions, giving more body to a traditional shade.