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Feng Shui Home Decorating

Feng Shui decorating is decorating your house to maximize the potential positive energy in your home. Feng Shui is one of the newest and hottest concepts from the East. Many of its ideas are bold and rejuvenating, offering practical decorative advice.

Remove the Clutter
Many Americans have the uncanny ability to hoard, or at the very least, fill their homes with clutter. Get rid of the stuff you don’t need and breathe freely once again! Living cramped and crowded because of too much clutter is no way to live. Removing the muddle is Feng Shui’s most critical step.

Applying Feng Shui
The basic applied principle of Feng Shui is to make your home as comfortable and serene as possible. For example, in the dining room, use round and oval tables complemented by comfortable chairs. Replace sharp cornered coffee and end tables with round or padded tables. All floors should be wood, carpet or tile. Accentuate a cold weather home with warm toned accents. You want your home to be both inviting and comfortable.

Seat of Power
Feng Shui emphasizes “the seat of power” in each room of the home. The concept is simple: the seat of power needs to have a clear and straight view of the room’s primary doorway. In the living room, the most prominent seat must be pointed at its main entrance. The head of the bed should allow the occupant a clear and direct view of the door. Likewise, the head of the household’s dining room chair should face the door used most often.

Light Your Corners
Use lighting in the corners of each room for a calming effect. Lighting is very important for living spaces at night. The light should be soft, create a soothing ambience, and not come from directly overhead. Find custom made lamps that will accentuate your home and add a touch of your personality to each room.

Decorating with Feng Shui is fun and exciting. Embrace the new experience and create a new, clean, refreshing atmosphere in your home!