Equipment Maintenance is Crucial

Every homeowner needs a set of tools to maintain their property, but unfortunately tools are not cheap. To ensure your tools hold up, you’ll need some basic knowledge of how to take care of them. Tool maintenance doesn’t require a degree in engineering; just a little practice and basic knowledge will help your tools last their full lifetime and give you the biggest value for your money.

Buy Right the First Time
Buy your tools right the first time. Chose quality over economy for anything that needs to last and work to take on the toughest projects. Will you save $15 buying the $10 shovel rather than investing in a $25 shovel? Sure, until you try to pry too much weight from under it, or the handle detaches from the implement. Buy your tools right the first time, and they’ll be there for you when you need to get the job done.

Proper Storage is Key
Clean your tools after each use. If they’re greasy,  wipe off the grime. Make sure to knock off all of the dirt before you store them. You paid too much money to let your tools to break. The elements can actually do more damage to your tools than regular use. Rain and snow can oxidize and rust metal, wood can warp and gears can fail. Store your tools in a shed or garage where the elements can’t wear them away.

A Place for Everything
Want to know the secret of a clean garage, tool shed or tool box? Everything has its own little place. Every gardening instrument, every piece of lawn equipment, every tool needs a designated place to live while it’s not being used. Some people use outlines of tools for where they belong, others hang perforated cork board and wall hangers. An organized space is clean, and you’ll know if you’re missing something after a big project.

What advice do you follow to keep your tools in mint condition? Let us know in the comments below!