Prep Your Property for Fall -
Prep Your Property for Fall

You may not like it, but fall will be here before we know it. It’s time to start getting your home outdoor area in order to make the most out of the beautiful weather while prepping for colder times.

Mow, Trim, Edge
Mowing regularly creates healthier lawns by promoting new grass growth. Mow a border along your property then go back and forth in straight lines. If you want to give your lawn a fresh look, mow diagonally. Afterwards, use a weed whacker to cut the grass too close to structures and yard decorations. Invest in an edger to shape your lawn along the sidewalks and concrete pathways.

Cut the Clutter
Your yard can get cluttered just as much as your home. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, keep yard décor in proportion to your property. An occasional yard gnome and birdbath are fun and show your personality, but a flock of flamingos can be a bit much.

Create an Outdoor Living Room
Summer may be ending, but an outdoor fireplace or barbecue pit can give you more months in your backyard. Invest in good quality furniture and a few blankets, and you’ll be set for an outdoorsy fall.

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