Make Your Indoor Flowers Last Longer -
Make Your Indoor Flowers Last Longer

Nothing brightens a room more than a lovely bouquet of your favorite flowers. While these blooms won’t last forever, there are steps you can take to enjoy their beauty for much longer.

Don’t want that arrangement of roses to wilt so quickly? Aspirin is a highly recommended way to keep these cut flowers fresh. Crush an aspirin and add it to the water before you place your flowers in the vase. You can also spritz hairspray on the blooms to keep them looking perky.

If the bouquet has sentimental value, you can always freeze-dry it. (Think bridal bouquets and first-date flowers.) This will allow you to enjoy the flowers for years to come, without struggling with the upkeep along the way. After freeze-drying for a couple of weeks, your flowers should be ready for display.

If you are feeling creative with your flowers and do not mind using them for something new, you can take your leftover flowers and create jewelry pieces with the petals. By simmering the petals with water over a stove, you can extract the petal mush and form beads with the colorful petals. Stick a pin through the center of the beads and let them dry for three to four days. Then, string the beads together to make bracelets and necklaces. Unique and environmentally friendly!

Whether you are looking to replant, freeze-dry, or create a new masterpiece with your bouquets, there are tons of options that allow for the splendor of a flower to live on.