Beat the Heat! -
Beat the Heat!

It’s a hot one out there today, and there’s nothing wrong with escaping to your air conditioned haven. Since this luxury can get quite costly, here are a few steps you can take to cool down your home without cranking up the air.

An easy way to make a room more comfortable is to put up curtains. Worried that it will make the room stuffy? The U.S. Department of Energy calculated that by simply closing blinds or curtains, homeowners can reduce the amount of heat that enters a room by as much as 45 percent.

Now, back to air conditioning solutions. Making sure not to blow hot air throughout your home is essential. This can be avoided by creating your own makeshift cooling unit by setting a bowl filled with ice before a fan. As the ice melts, it will create a cool breeze. Cleaning or replacing your air conditioner filters approximately once a month can help prevent the circulation of warm air as well.

Your final tip for cooling off involves wonderfully cool water. Keeping a spray bottle in your refrigerator, and spray yourself on those incredibly hot days. Your body will regulate itself by cooling down as the water evaporates from your skin. Experts say to start by spraying your wrists, as this will cool down the blood flowing through your veins the quickest.

All in all, summer is a time to enjoy the warm weather, not struggle through it. These simple tips can make a large difference in taking the edge off of those sweltering days, making summer a breeze.