Make Your Last Barbecues the Best -
Make Your Last Barbecues the Best

Labor Day weekend is approaching, signaling the end of the barbecue season. It’s time to pull out all the stops and make the most of this end-of-summer celebrations with the best barbecue possible!

After carefully setting the perfect outdoor ambiance — cue the twinkle lights, bug-repelling candles, light music and comfortable seating — serve up the best you have to offer from the grill. Provide a wide variety of options and be sure not to neglect the vegetarian guests. A range of meat and meatless options paired with summer salads and salsas are sure to win everyone over.

Your guests are likely span a variety of age groups, so it is important to provide activities to keep everyone entertained. For your young guests, an interactive food station is a wonderful treat. Set up an ice cream, popcorn or even a trail mix assembly line. A cookie or cupcake decorating table is another idea that’s easy to put together yet fun and creative.

Don’t forget about the grown-ups! Tasting stations for beer and wine are a great way to encourage excitement and conversation. Offering interesting pairings for the different flavors may even give your guests ideas for their future gatherings.

Group activities are always a great way to involve the entire crowd. Classics like bocce ball, horseshoes and bags can be turned into lively tournaments with teams and prizes. Memories of these friendly competitions will carry you through until next summer.