Discover the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust -
Discover the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust

Frank Lloyd Wright, the father of modern architecture, stands as a symbol of Chicago’s innovative greatness. He is an icon in Chicago’s rich architectural history, and one of the most important organizations in the preservation of Wright’s work is the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust.

Wright designed structures all over the world, and some of his greatest masterpieces are found right in our own backyard. The most famous of his buildings is the Frederick C. Robie House, built in 1908. It’s considered the greatest example of his Prairie School style and is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar restoration project, led by the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust.

The Trust was established in 1974 to preserve and promote Wright’s Oak Park home, study and architecture in general. Today, The Preservation Trust provides an array of inspiring public education programs. The organization operates a public access research center containing special collections on the early work of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School of architecture. The Trust’s central office is in the landmark Rookery Building in downtown Chicago, a building that contains one of Wright’s most dramatic interior compositions.

Wright fans can take full advantage of everything the Trust has to offer. Tours throughout several of Wright’s most famous structures are offered on a regular basis for adults, along with lectures on his style. Families and kids can enjoy architecture workshops, LEGO architecture, origami and printmaking and glass art.

Take advantage of the rich cultural heritage Chicago has to offer in Frank Lloyd Wright. Plan your tour today.