Creative Can’t-Miss Home Staging Ideas

Home staging is one of the easiest, least expensive and effective ways to increase the value of a home. To keep the budget low and return high, it’s important to hone in on upgrades that can be made.  Below are some of the ways to arrange, improve, and transform a home into the most desirable investment for potential buyers:

Clean & Declutter
You’d be surprised how many homeowners don’t think to pick up children’s toys before they take photos or conduct a showing. Buyers are looking for a clean slate; show them what a wonderful palette your home can be! Vacuum the carpeting, wash the windows, mow the lawn.

De-cluttering also means minimizing furniture and knick-knacks. Excess “stuff” will actually make rooms seem smaller. You want potential buyers to marvel at the size of your home, not be distracted by your snow globe collection.

Lighten & Refresh
Open your home to light, fresh air and open space. Pull furniture away from walls to create the effect of a flowing layout. Harness natural light by removing heavy curtains and drapes. You’ll also want to brighten each room with a variety of lighting options and increased light bulb wattage.

Reimagine & Repurpose
As you are decluttering your space, keep in mind that your furniture and various treasures can serve another purpose. Take a few accessories and place them in your bathroom to give it a spa-like atmosphere. Unearth your vases, fill them with fresh flowers and place them throughout your home. There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating, and it doesn’t hurt to give potential buyers a few ideas.

While it may seem silly to redecorate your home only to move out of it, these little changes can get you to your new home faster.