Visit Chicago’s Art District

Chicago is home to every sort of culture and entertainment you could ever want. While you could spend days wandering around the world famous Art Institute, you’ll get to experience more local artists in Chicago’s Art District.

Chicago’s Art District is located in the lower west side of the city, in a neighborhood called Pilsen. (The area was formerly called PilsenEast.) Originally settled by Irish and German immigrants who came to work in the nearby stockyards, Pilsen has seen many changes in the last 100 years. Today, it’s a tight knit community that is home to many of Chicago’s most famous galleries.

The National Museum of Mexican Art lies in the heart of the neighborhood, presenting one of the country’s largest Mexican art collections. It is one of the most prominent first-voice institutions for Mexican art and culture in the United States. The National Museum of Mexican Art also hosts cultural programs, including symposia, theater, dance, music, authors and performance companies.

Pilsen is also home to the famous 2nd Fridays Gallery Night, a monthly evening when over 30 gallery spaces open their doors to the public for free. And while visitor’s are feasting their eyes, they can also feast their stomachs with exotic creations at Chocolatier Uzma Sharif’s shop.

The Chicago Art District hosts solo artist exhibitions year round, allowing individual artists to present their vision to the public. You’ll find everything from traditional painting and photography to avant garde fashion and installations. This area is considered the cutting edge in the Chicago art scene, and all visitors are welcome!

If you’re looking to make this cultural haven your permanent home, you’ll find an array of vintage apartments and loft spaces throughout the area. Chicago’s Art District has got everything the creative mind desires.