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Take Your Basement to the Next Level

Upgrading a basement from dank to high-ranked is an easy way to maximize the space in a home, making it more appealing for current residents or potential home buyers. When considering this considerable project, it’s important to first go back to basics:

Check Waterproofing
Before you begin, making sure your basement is waterproof could save you thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches. (August is one of Chicagoland’s wettest months!) First, check for cracks in the foundation and that all drain spouts are pointing at least a foot away. The ground surround you home should descends away at a minimum of a 2-inch slope.

To test if a home is sufficiently waterproofed, place plastic sheeting on the floors and walls for a couple weeks; if condensation collects on these sheets, it is necessary to enlist more professional means of waterproofing. An insufficiently waterproofed basement might require for sump pump installation. If this is the case, consider using faux-wood vinyl plank flooring as opposed to absorbent, easily ruined carpet. This primary step can make or break the affordability and success of the basement upgrade.

Plan Thoroughly
Begin with a blueprint of your basement or at least a very detailed drawing. Keep in mind that since you’re probably dealing with a low-ceilinged space with limited natural light, it’s very easy to accidentally turn your dream basement into a cave.

If you have natural light available, allow it to shine into as much of the space as possible. Prepare to invest in more lighting than any other room in your home. Also, be sure to factor in ample space surrounding appliances like furnaces and heaters when making a master plan.

Upgrade Simply
When finishing a basement, it can be tempting to install the latest and greatest in home entertainment, decor and furnishings. However, it’s crucial to keep this area of your home elegant but versatile. Think about getting a pool table that turns into a buffet table. Large speakers are great, but consider whether they’ll get in the way if you have overnight guests. Basements are multifunctional; take advantage!

What should never be compromised in a basement refinish? An open floor plan, ample storage and quality materials. Taking these crucial steps will ensure that current and future homeowners will reap the rewards.