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What You Should Know About Home Inspections

Before you purchase your dream home, make sure it doesn’t have any hidden nightmares by going through a proper inspection with a licensed professional engineer. Here are a few tips that will help you with the home inspection process.

A professional engineer will provide you, the potential buyer, a home inspection report stamped with the seal of a professional engineer. Retaining a licensed inspector initially can save you future costs and headaches throughout the home buying process.

Both you and your agent should be present on the day of inspection, and have your questions ready. The more the better!

Test for lead, radon, asbestos and carbon monoxide, especially in older homes. (If the home is steam heated there is almost certainly a chance of asbestos.) Many of these items can be fixed and can even affect price negotiations.

Be sure the yard is inspected as well. Are there low power lines? How busy is the adjacent street? Was the deck built with a proper building permit? Have the inspector look at the foundation, construction and quality of every structure in the yard.

Get in the attic and go into the basement as these are the most vital areas of your home’s structure. Investing in a house with a bad foundation is a disaster you can avoid.

Every home is likely to have something that needs to be fixed or updated. As the buyer, you must weigh the less desirable attributes with all of the positive things about the house. Knowledge provided by the inspector will help you understand if the price is right.

The cost of an inspection may be daunting at first glance, but unpleasant surprises after purchasing your home will be much more costly. Save yourself the headache and make the first inspection the right inspection.