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Easy Steps to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

What could possibly be less enjoyable than reading about air conditioners? Reading about air conditioners in a space without air conditioning. As the temperatures spike throughout Chicagoland, an understanding of the proper way to maintain this important summertime appliance is crucial.

For most air conditioner-related issues, a professional’s help is necessary. Seek out references of the most reliable A/C services so that you can avoid breaking a sweat in order to avoid breaking a sweat.

However, there are some things that even you can do to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your air conditioner.

First, you have to consider the actual machine. A central air conditioner consists of two different parts: a condenser and an evaporator; otherwise known as the short and fat thing and the tall and thin thing. Both of these appliances should be routinely cleaned to avoid any issues.

The evaporator (the tall, thin unit) can be cleaned by way of the plenum, which is found in the upper part of the unit.  If it’s not already inside a metal box, the evaporator should be covered by foil-wrapped insulation that can be removed. Clean the underside of the evaporator with a sturdy brush, and make sure to do a sweep of the collecting tray below. Pour about a tablespoon of bleach into the “weep hole” in the tray to prevent fungus growth.

The condenser unit (the short, fat, outdoor unit) can also be maintained. Make sure that the immediate area surrounding the condenser is free of any bushes or weeds. Then, clean the coil on the intake side of the unit using commercial oil cleaner. (You’ll find instructions on the cleaner bottle.) Use a soft brush to clean the fins of the condenser unit and use a fin comb to alter any bends made to the fin during the process. Finally, for preventative care, cover the condenser unit when not in use.

You’ll also need to inspect lines that connect the condenser and evaporator units to make sure the insulation isn’t damaged or worn. These lines are crucial to providing clear airflow and air conditioner efficiency.

Do you have a window unit? These also require regular maintenance and care. Change the filter at the beginning of each warm season, and clean the condenser and evaporator with a vacuum. Check that all power cords are damage-free, and put in a drain port to collect condensation and dirt.

Air conditioner maintenance might not sound like a fun way to spend your weekend, but it sure beats coming home to a sauna. If you don’t maintain, you will feel the pain.