Create a Backyard Oasis -
Create a Backyard Oasis

Your home is a reflection of who you are – but what about your backyard? Creating your own outdoor haven is the newest trend in home design, and the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re looking for a quick refresh or a complete makeover, here are a few ideas for your projects.

Backyard Spruce Up
The first step in giving your deck or patio a facelift is to switch up your outdoor furniture. While you can invest in a new outdoor dining set in modern teak or classic woven wicker, a small collapsible table and chairs provides a unique look. Don’t forget a new set of cushions for your furniture.

An inviting fire pit will transform your backyard into an ideal evening venue. Portable and available in a variety of sizes, you can easily find a fire pit to fit any budget.

Rediscover the Great Outdoors
Fabrics and prints aren’t just for throw pillows anymore. Now that you have your ideal patio furniture, find a fun all-weather carpet, colorful outdoor table cloth or runner to compliment your set. You can also create a lovely centerpiece by placing a few of your favorite flowers in a low planter and setting it on your table.

Add drama to your outdoor entertaining with a number of different lighting themes. Hang a candlelit chandelier from a tall tree branch for a romantic feel or loop party lights around a trellis for an upbeat vibe. If you’re looking for sophistication, hanging lanterns placed throughout your space will delight any party guest.

Total Renovation
With hard work and an open mind, many homeowners have gone the extra mile to create entire backyard rooms out of thin air. Skip the drywall and concrete and invest in a substantial overhead garden structure. An arbor offers an intimate feel for a small seating space in the corner of a garden. For a more covered dining area, a classic Mediterranean pergola is hard to resist.

When planning your backyard amenities, don’t assume that your only option is to install a pool. Outdoor fireplaces have become very popular, taking the fun of a portable fire pit to a new level of comfort. Fountains add the tranquility of water, as well as a beautiful focal point for your garden.