Make Your Garage More Storage-Friendly -
Make Your Garage More Storage-Friendly

The garage is one of the most neglected rooms in a home, often becoming the place that gets filled to the brim with random household items. Take advantage of the warm weather and your burst of summer motivation to reclaim the space as an organizational haven.

Group Like Items Together
As you begin reorganizing, think about which items you use together. If you store household products in your garage – paper towels, cleaning materials, toilet paper – group these items on a shelf together. Do a lot of oil changes? Place all of the necessary tools and supplies close by to avoid a chaotic search to find what you need.

Wall Space Savers
Take your storage vertical by utilizing garage walls. Wall-mounted hooks are the perfect way to declutter the corners by neatly displaying your brooms, shovels and anything else with a handle. You can also hang those extension cords lying around. To organize small items like gardening tools, try mounting utility baskets to the walls.

Invest in Cabinets and Drawers
It might seem like you’re losing storage space by installing cabinets and drawers, but this will actually give you more organizational options. Use this extra space to stock important warranty information and instruction manuals. Make sure to label everything, or you’ll make a bigger mess trying to unearth what you’ve stored. When possible, find clear drawers so you’ll always know what’s inside.

Tool Pegboards
Tool boxes are great for specialty tools, but pegboards are ideal for those everyday items. Simply tack a pegboard to the wall and fill it with the appropriate hooks. Then, decide which tools you use most, and place them on the board. Your handy screwdriver will be easy to find when you need it.

Easy Clean Up
Your garage is one of the messiest rooms in the house, so you’ll probably want to the cleaning supplies close by. Keep heavy duty paper towels handy at all times with a wall-mounted paper towel holder and a shelf for cleaning supplies.