Bike Sharing Hits Chicago

Divvy is the newest bike sharing innovation that is sweeping Chicago. This fresh system of public transportation allows users to rent a bicycle and travel across the city each day for $7 or for an unlimited number of 30-minute rentals annually for $75. Launched in June, the program will begin with 750 bikes around the city with plans to install 300 stations offering 3,000 bikes by the end of the 2013 summer.

Unfortunately, this bike sharing push isn’t sitting well with everyone. Business owners aren’t happy with proposed sites that threaten to occupy customer parking spaces. (Did you know that a bike rack capable of holding 19 bicycles can stretch up to 52 feet!) Thirty-five sites have been vetted and approved despite protests and cancellations of some proposed sites. At this time, most pickup and drop off locations are located near Metra and CTA stations, museums and parks near the loop.

Look for the first Divvy bike station by the Daley Plaza. It opened on June 14 in conjunction with the Bike to Work Week Rally. For more detailed information check out their Facebook page at

This ambitious project and is expected to be a great move for the city of Chicago. Similar cities that have inaugurated shared bicycle programs have seen a dip in accidents – the more bicycles on the road, the slower and safer automobile drivers tend to be.

What’s your first impression of Divvy? Do you plan on using the system to get around Chicago?