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Spice Up Your Summer Décor

To truly enjoy a relaxing, laid back summer, you need a relaxing and laid back outdoor space to enjoy it in. Regardless of budget, it is easy to give your porch, patio, sunroom or deck the sprucing up it has been waiting for all winter. All it takes are a few fun accents and warm additions to turn your backyard into a summer oasis.

Whether it is luxurious outdoor lounge chairs or a simple patio set, the easiest way to make your outdoor space come alive is with the comfy pairing of pillows and outdoor rugs. Summer is the time when bold prints and colors are not only accepted, but embraced. Pick a fun floral or unexpected chevron – or both – to make a space both inviting and exciting. Now is the time to make your crazy design style shine.

Another inexpensive yet classic element to create an alluring outdoor entertainment area is twinkle lights. String a few bulbs overheard, inside your patio umbrella or on the branches of bushes and trees. Candles are also a great choice, either standing alone or in simple holders. Avoid a trip to the expensive home goods store by using recycled mason jars and sand to hold candles in place.

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without bright flowers. While your favorite flower is bound to complement any outdoor style, your vase selection is what will wow your guests. Use paper lanterns or even seashells to anchor your beautiful arrangement.

While these ideas are an inexpensive and simple way to take your outdoor space to the next level, the most important rule to remember when decorating this summer is that there are no rules! Use unexpected patterns, travel outside your comfort zone with comfortable rugs and pillows, place lighting accents in different areas and reuse those pieces that you put in storage with no intention of using again. Whether you’re design-inclined or décor-debilitated, summer is yours so get out there and have fun.