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Easy Tips to Make Any Room Seem Larger

Now that the warm weather is here, it’s time to ditch winter claustrophobia and really take a look at your home. No matter how much square footage you have, it’s always nice to have a little more space. Here are a few simple steps you can take to make any room seem larger.

DO use mirrors. The best and least expensive way to make smaller rooms appear larger is to decorate walls with mirrors. Choose locations where the mirror will reflect the light back into the room to add warmth and depth.

DON’T neglect lighting. Lighting is crucial when it comes to opening your space. Maximize any natural light available by getting rid of heavy draperies. Add more lamps at varying levels to give the room a glow, and install track lighting to make sure every corner is well lit.

DO choose a lighter color scheme. Pale, cool colors will reflect the light and make the walls appear farther apart. Add visual impact to your space by separating the walls into blocks of color using gentle tones.

DON’T get hung up. Your wall art should be hung at eye level or about 60 inches from the floor. Hanging items too high will make your ceiling seem lower.

DO space things out. Instead of pushing your furniture against the walls, give pieces breathing room by playing with interesting angles. You can also choose one large statement piece – like an armchair or coffee table – and fill in gaps around it.