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  • Stephen Baird

    Stephen W. Baird is the president and CEO of Baird & Warner.

    Stephen Baird

  • Wendy Dahm

    Wendy Dahm is the vice president of Human Resources at Baird & Warner.

    Wendy Dahm

  • Steve DiMarco

    Steve DiMarco is the president of Key Mortgage Services, Inc. and a member of the firm's exe...

    Steve DiMarco

  • Laura Ellis

    Laura Ellis is the president of residential sales and executive vice president of Baird &...

    Laura Ellis

  • Warren Habib

    Warren Habib is Baird & Warner's executive vice president and chief financial officer. H...

    Warren Habib

  • Jim Kinney

    Operating out of Baird & Warner’s market-leading Gold Coast Office, Jim Kinney spearhe...

    Jim Kinney

  • Vicki Klavins

    Vicki Klavins is the controller, overseeing and managing all accounting and finance function...

    Vicki Klavins

  • Jan Koch

    Jan Koch is the vice president of sales operations at Baird & Warner and a 20-year veter...

    Jan Koch

  • Jo Lay

    Jo Lay, SCRP, SGMS, is the vice president of relocation at Baird & Warner.

    Jo Lay

  • Peter Papakyriacou

    Peter Papakyriacou is Baird & Warner’s vice president of Marketing & Communication...

    Peter Papakyriacou

  • Esther Phillips

    Esther Phillips is the senior vice president of sales at Key Mortgage Services, Inc. A 20 ye...

    Esther Phillips

  • Cindy Schwartz

    Cindy Schwartz, who has worked in the real estate industry for 30 years, started with Baird ...

    Cindy Schwartz

  • Gary Stevens

    Gary Stevens is the vice president of sales at Baird & Warner. He joined the company in ...

    Gary Stevens

  • Jennifer Alter Warden

    Jennifer Alter Warden is the chief operating officer and executive vice president of Baird &...

    Jennifer Alter Warden

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