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Downers Grove is a community that flawlessly balances big business, a large variety of housing options and a sense of community just 25 miles west of downtown Chicago. Citizens make time for their community, which is just one of the many reason why it was prestigiously named one of “America’s Friendliest Towns” by Forbes magazine.

While multiple major corporations house their headquarters in Downers Grove - Sara Lee, DeVry University and Dover - residents still find time to host more than 100 community events and festivals throughout the year. This nature-inclined suburb is home to 600 acres of parks and green space, as well as a restaurant- and boutique-filled downtown.

The Downers Grove populations is known to be highly educated. Families have a variety of school options, including 12 public elementary schools, two public middle schools, two public high schools and a variety of highly ranked private schools.

Linked to the Chicago metropolitan area via the bordering I-355 and I-88, Downers Grove has made sure its residents have access to adventure. The Metra commuter line has multiple stops in Downers Grove, and there is a commuter shuttle which makes daily trips to these stations as easy as possible. The Pace Bus also services the area, allowing the near and the far to access Downers Grove hotspots.

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