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Baird & Warner’s Relocation Services are Certified “Veteran Friendly”

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Recently the Illinois Hires Heroes Consortium, a group of Illinois employers who recognize the value that veterans bring to the workplace, certified Baird & Warner as a “veteran friendly” business. The consortium trusts that Baird & Warner’s relocation team is committed to recruiting veterans, training them, and doing what it takes to make the workplace somewhere they want to stay. Already, the team has attended three veteran recruiting events.

“We’re honored to be a workplace that understands both the sacrifice that veterans have given to keep us safe at home and the importance of the experience and values they bring to the table when they go back to work,” said Jo Lay, vice president of relocation at Baird & Warner Real Estate Services. “We do everything we can to make this a place that welcomes veterans back to work.”

When Baird & Warner recruited veteran Cathy Yanda after her post-service career in public health, she had a story to tell. “I had a difficult time finding a civilian job, until one day another veteran called me about a position developing a pilot HIV treatment program,” she said. “He had no idea how I was going to do it based on my aviation radio technician resume, he just knew that if he gave it to a veteran, they’d figure it out.” Baird & Warner understands that and values veterans as clients, Yanda, now a successful Baird & Warner agent, added. “Through their Military on the Move program, I can continue serving and being a part of the military community.”

“One thing that returning service members bring to the workplace is appreciation,” said veteran Jaime Luevano. “My parents were both born in Mexico, and serving was just my way of saying “thank you.” And to work for a company that appreciates veterans in the same way feels very special.”

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