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Weather-Proof Your Home

As the turning leaves and blustery winds remind us, winter is on its way. Are you–and your home–prepared for the cooler months?The right tools and supplies will help you accomplish fall home maintenance in just a few days.

Caulk and weather stripping
Examine the exterior of your home. Look for cracks and gaps where the siding meets the foundation, where wires enter the home, and around the door frames and windows. By caulking these areas you prevent heat from escaping and lower your heating costs. Water can get into your home through these openings causing mold, water, or even ice damage.

Windows and doors inside your home can also have air leaks. Feel for air movement by running your hand along those areas. Apply caulk or weatherstripping as needed. Don’t forget to check the windows in your attic, basement, and garage as well. Hint: apply weatherstripping to your garage door to save even more on your energy bills!

Inspect the exterior paint on your home. Paint provides a protective layer for your home’s siding, and any damage to the paint can leave the vulnerable wood exposed. Be sure to touch up any areas that are chipping or peeling.

Rake or leaf blower
With fall comes falling leaves. Have a rake or leaf blower handy to keep your yard leaf-free. Piles of dead leaves can damage your lawn if left to decompose. However, they make a great compost when mulched and applied to your garden or flower beds.

A good sturdy ladder will come in handy for inspecting and maintaining your roof. Check for broken or missing shingles and call in a professional if you see anything out of place. Fall leaves can also build up in your gutters, causing ice dams in the winter. Clear gutters and downspouts of debris and make repairs if necessary.

You don’t have to be a professional contractor to make minor home repairs. With these tips and a few tools you can easily have your home ready for the cooler months ahead!

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