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Tips for Inspecting a Crawl Space

Crawlspaces are more than foolproof hiding spots for hide-and-seek: they are a great spot to hide infrequently-used items like holiday decorations or seasonal sports gear. Take care of your crawlspace with the following tips.

Check for mold and mildew. The pipes that run across your crawlspace can leak or lead to moisture buildup that causes health and safety issues. If any of your pipes are leaking, it could mean serious damage for the foundation of your house. Patch up the pipe leaks with some epoxy and water resistant tape. If mold or mildew is present, call in a professional to remove it immediately.

Get rid of the vermin. Rats, termites and ants can eat away at wood, crack pipes and do damage to the holiday decor stuffed in there. If pest control isn’t your thing, call up a professional to take care of it for you — it’ll end up saving you a wad of cash in the long run.

Look out for foundation damage. If the ceiling of your crawl space is damaged your home could have foundation issues. It’s a good idea to occasionally check for sunken spots and cracks or separation in the wood, concrete or stone. If you find any of this in your crawl space, call in a house foundation specialist — this isn’t a project to do yourself.

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