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Seasonal Garage Cleaning

Has your garage become a dumping ground for summer’s toys and tools? Start the winter off on the right foot by sorting through and organizing all of the stuff you’ve accumulated in the warmer months.

Going through all of the things you’ve stored is a great incentive to completely empty your garage and scrub the walls and floor (and you might find it easier to go through everything when it’s out of the garage!). Take this opportunity to evaluate your storage setup: wall hooks are a tidy way to keep things off the floor, and ceiling-mounted shelves keep spaces clear for your car.

Take the time to clean and perform light maintenance on summer items like grills and patio furniture. Do you have some old tattered lawn chairs? A weed eater you borrowed from your neighbor? Throw out old broken items and return borrowed ones to give yourself more space. If you have enough stuff to get rid of, have a garage or yard sale.

A clean, organized garage is a particular bonus in the winter months, when you’re most likely to be using it to protect your car! Take the time to make the space one that is easy to use.

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