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Sprinkler System for Beginners

Heat fluctuations and dry spells can wreak havoc on your garden and lawn, so it is important to develop a good watering plan. A sprinkler system can be a great way to help your garden blooming throughout the summer.

Intimate Yards and Gardens
For smaller yards and gardens, it is most cost efficient to purchase a single moveable oscillating sprinkler. This ensures that the sprinkler covers the square footage you desire, and easy transportation to other spots in your yard. Another option is an above ground sprinkler system with multiple sprinkler heads. This is the less attractive option but can be much cheaper than a professionally installed system.

It is important to place the sprinkler-heads far enough away from each other so as not to overwater any specific areas. Drowning your plants can be detrimental to your garden and your lawn overall. These moveable options provide you with more control and can also help prevent additional watering after rain showers.

Installed Sprinkler Systems
Professionally installed sprinkler systems have their advantages as well. These systems require less attention and run on an automatic timer. This can be helpful for the busier, lawn-conscious homeowner but also tend to be more expensive. Be sure to discuss the specifics with the installation professionals so that you ensure your lawn and plants are getting the care that they need.

When to Water
The time of day you water can vary by plant, but it is a general rule to water when your yard and garden are not in direct sunlight. This way, the combination of water and sunlight do not damage your plants or lawn, and they are getting the nutrients that they need. Also, be sure to do ample research for your garden so that you know how much water they need and how often.

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