Build Your Winter Preparation Kit

Winter is coming, and you don’t want to be caught out in the cold. Be prepared for the upcoming season before the temperature drops into the single digits by adding a few basic items to your emergency readiness plan.

Pick up a couple bags of salt to help de-ice your driveway and sidewalk. Ice always seems to accumulate on concrete doorsteps. Don’t be a fall victim at your front door. Have a bag of ice ready and protect your family.

A bag of sand is also good to have in the garage or even the trunk of your car. Sand can help give your feet or tires traction in the snow. A bag of sand will also give a little weight to your car’s rear end, allowing you better control on roads in bad condition.

Keep a Mylar blanket, also known as a space or emergency blanket, in your glove box or emergency bag. It’ll keep you warm while you wait for a friend or tow truck if your car breaks down on a cold day.

Buy a high quality back saving ergonomic snow shovel. You’ll be glad you put a little extra money into a shovel when six inches of heavy wet snow falls on your driveway. If you have a snowblower, be sure it is fully operational before the first snow.

Are you prepared for winter? Was there an event you experienced that made you glad for your preparations? Share your ideas and stories in the comments below.

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