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Have a Gutter Cleaning Plan

Autumn leaves are beautiful, but once they begin to fall they can land in your gutter and cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in water damage to your roof, siding and more. Gutter cleaning is a twice-yearly task that is crucial step in keeping all systems of your home functioning properly. Get elbow deep in your gutters today, so you are prepared for what the elements may bring tomorrow.

There are a few different methods to cleaning gutters. Some homeowners strap on heavy-duty gloves and climb up and down a ladder the length of the home. That method can be very dangerous and time consuming.

A better way is to purchase a gas powered blower with a gutter cleaning attachment kit. This kit is a long tube with a U joint at the end. One end attaches to a blower motor and the other reaches into your gutters. When you turn the blower on, the pressurized air forces the leaves and bit of debris out of your gutters and to the ground, where they can be swept and bagged. Be sure to purchase an attachment long enough to reach your roof from your torso. Also, have enough support brackets to hold your kit together while clearing the gutters.

While it’s better to remove debris during a dry period, you may find yourself needing to clean up a heavy, matted build-up. Once a date has been set to clean the gutters, you can then choose to gather supplies in a bucket to hang from a stabilized ladder. Include a gutter scoop, goggles, gloves, a rag and marking tape in your handyman’s version of a purse.

Starting at the downspout area, scoop debris into your bucket, wiping with the rag as you go. Mark any areas for repair while you move along; the process of marking will make it easier to repair trouble areas later. Once the gutters are cleared, rinse them with high-pressure water. Grab your bucket of debris and head for the compost pile. The refuse will be a beneficial component to an effective mulching.

Keeping your gutters debris-free will deter any unwanted visitors like mosquitoes or carpenter ants. The seemingly tedious task of gutter cleaning is essential to proper drainage in the area around your home.  

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