Fall Home Maintenance Guide, Part 2

You’ve got your fall decor arranged and your leaf raking plan set, but have you thought about how to arm your home against the brisk autumn weather? Time to take a trek outside and do the necessary fall home maintenance to keep you warm and happy all winter long.

Find those cracks
Do a full inspection from the foundation to the roof, searching for any crack that could potentially turn hazardous. If you find any in the foundation, make sure to have them filled in before trapped water freezes and causes greater damage. Lay a bed of caulk along window joints, where concrete meets siding and around pipes and electrical wires where they enter your home.

Weather guard exterior walls
Inspect all of your windows and doors for gaps or missing weather stripping. Caulk any breaches in your exterior walls. Don’t forget to inspect your garage door to ensure a tight seal with the concrete floor. These steps will do wonders for your heating bill.

Clean your gutters
If you’re proactive before the first leaves fall, you can easily clean your gutters and install gutter guards. Click here to read more about creating a gutter cleaning plan.

Cover the pool
The saddest day is the day the pool must be covered. However, better to drain and cover it before the leaves start falling than to spend an entire afternoon fishing out debris.

Click here for even more fall home maintenance tips.


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