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Color Your Garden For Fall Colors

Now that it’s October, we can safely say that fall has arrived. Gardeners and floral enthusiasts: it’s time to plan your fall garden colors! For plants that really show off in the autumn season, consider the following varieties.

Stonecrop: There are many species in the stonecrop family. Stonecrops are tightly clustered, broad headed flowers that bloom throughout late summer and early fall. For bright pinks and vibrant reds, try the sedum telephium matrona or autumn fire stonecrop.

Eulalia: Belonging to the miscanthus family of grasses, Eulalia are tall grasses that grow from three to ten feet tall. They really begin to bloom in August, September, and October, and prefer full sunlight. The purpurascens variety can be as tall as five feet tall and feature a reddish orange color.

New England Aster: This plant is native to Illinois and grows up to four feet tall in our climate. They are often planted alongside highways; the gold and purple florets will look great in your autumn garden.

Daylily: There are several varieties of daylilies that bloom at all flowering seasons of the year. Try the 18″ Stella De Oro for a gold touch to your autumn garden.

Chrysanthemum: A beautiful flower, known commonly as a “mum”, that blooms reliably throughout fall. They come in a wide variety, offering to light up your garden in a brilliant array of colors. This is a must have for any fall garden.

Prairie Dropseed: Sporobolus heterolepis is a grass that grows two to three feet high and is a brilliant golden yellow in the fall. You can plant Prairie Dropseed 18″ to 24″ inches apart to create a golden garden border. You’ll also enjoy their faint fragrance of cilantro and popcorn!

Little Bluestem: This grass is very hardy and used for ornamental purposes in many gardens and lawns. This three foot tall bunchgrass will be mahogany red by September, and, as an added perk will keep its color throughout most of the winter. Thus offering a spectacle of color after the snow falls.

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