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Your Fall Home Maintenance Guide

You might be excited for the crunch of leaves and the brisk fall air, but your house sure isn’t. The autumn and winter months can hit your home hard, and it’s important to take the time now to perform the necessary maintenance steps.

While you may already be thinking about swapping out your screens for storm windows, there are a few extra steps you should take to keep your home in top shape.

Get Rid of All That Water
Frozen pipes are a homeowner’s enemy, so you want to make sure everything has been drained. Drain any water that’s left in your garden hose and outdoor faucet, and turn off the shut-off valve in your home. If you have a lawn irrigation system, have that professionally drained as well.

Avoid Winter Drafts
While you may not have noticed air leaks throughout the hot summer months, you’ll definitely notice drafts of cold seeping into your home. Check for leaks around your windows and doors and caulk any you find.

Check the Roof and Gutters
Your roof is the first line of defense against Mother Nature, and damages can be extremely costly. Inspect your roof for any loose or missing shingles and have them repaired immediately. You’ll also want to clean and flush the gutters. Gutter back up from leaves and ice dams can wreak havoc on your roof.

Examine Your Property Grounds
Don’t forget about the walkways and driveways around your house. Before the snow falls or it gets too cold, check for cracks and loose materials. Schedule any fixes ahead of time to avoid slippery weather accidents.

Guarantee Your Heat
Fireplaces are a wonderful addition to your home, but they require extra care as well. Have a professional inspect and clean your chimney and fireplace. This will prevent heat loss and keep it working as efficiently as possible.

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