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Camp in Your Own Backyard

There was nothing better than those childhood summer nights when you gathered your best friends for a backyard camping adventure. What’s better than staying up late, eating s’mores and telling scary stories?

Camping in your backyard can still be as much fun as it once was – for both kids and adults! Here are a few tips to ensure a fantastic night under the stars

Groom your lawn ahead of time
While you can’t remove bugs from the camping experience, a well kept yard will discourage insects from nesting in the grass. Before you make camp, rake the area and remove any debris. You wouldn’t want to wake up with an acorn in your back!

Insect repellent is a must
Citronella candles are great way to deter flying insects from biting campers, and make sure you don’t forget the bug spray. (If you have little ones, keep them away from citronella oil.

Set up the tent early
Allow plenty of time to raise your tent, especially if you’re using it for the first time. This will give you more light to see where you misplaced that one last pole. Once the tent is up, sweep out  dirt and sand and check for insects. Finally, lay out the bedding and place a flashlight inside the doorway. When the sun sets, you’ll be happy you did!

Gather wood and kindling
If you don’t have a forest in your backyard you’ll need to purchase firewood. Garden centers and gas stations often sell by the bundle. You might even be able to haul scrap wood from a construction site. (With permission, of course.) If you’re building a bonfire, wood pallets are great for stacking.

Remember, safety first. Make sure your fire pit is a safe distance from anything that may easily ignite, and keep a big bucket of water and a hose handy in case your fire gets out of control.

Prepare for the amazing camping meal

There’s nothing quite like a meal prepared over a campfire. Whether you’re cooking on a grill grate over hot coals or simply roasting hot dogs on a stick, make sure Some like to cook on a grill grate over hot coals while others prefer using rotisserie sticks over an open flame, remember to get creative and have fun.

S’mores is a camping favorite, but there are other dessert options to bring to the great outdoors. Try placing canned fruit filling between two buttered slices of bread covered in cinnamon and sugar, then cooking it in a pie iron. Delicious!

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